6 Kinds of Non-Medical Senior Care That Can Make Life Easier

senior home careNon-medical home care is an option that seniors and their families are often interested in, considering all the benefits that come from it. Starting with the vicinity and comfort that seniors will love, non-medical in-home care provides independence, community, and most significantly health and happiness.


From the security of your loved one’s home, they will receive personalized care with a skilled caregiver despite the choice of service. However, it’s still imperative to familiarize yourself with what types of care will be best for you and your loved one. Griswold Home Care offers several methods of non-medical in-home care and ultimately can modify to your peculiar necessities.


Here are six services that Griswold provides for seniors:


Personal Care Services

Your loved one wants to feel and look their finest at every moment of their life, that is why Griswold refers specialized caregivers who can assist in achieving those goals. Personal caregivers want your loved ones to be as independent as conceivable; however at the same time understand that safety is the highest priority. Professionals will are able to assist with day-to-day personal activities such as: bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, grooming, and more based on client request.


Homemaker Care Services

Homemaker care services with Griswold are giving seniors with essentially a helping hand with household chores. Caregivers provide some needed relief for your loved one by ensuring their life is simpler and safer. Professional caregivers can help with daily meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping, transportation, and more.


Senior Companion Care

Senior companion care is one of Griswold’s most frequently requested services. As life decelerates and your loved ones have increased time for social lives, it’s great to have someone who is available to help them maintain that life. Thus, non-medical caregivers can accompany seniors with: shopping, social events, friend visits, gardening, home projects, and more. Your loved one will have a trustworthy friend that will help them stay socially engaged and safe.


Respite Care Services

Respite care delivers temporary caregiving services in order to relieve you or the family caregiver of piled up stress. Consider respite care as time to recharge or to use when you are on vacation. And you don’t have to feel guilty about “leaving” your loved one with a professional, because you also require a recharge from balancing work, family and caregiving. Once the brief period is over, you’ll come back to your loved one energized and emotionally reset.


24 Hour Live-In & Overnight Care Services

Your loved one might necessitate increased non-medical care and you might be far too busy to provide that sort of assistance with your personal agenda. This is where 24 hour live-in and overnight services can be used. Caregivers can live in the home, provided there is a second bedroom, and complete services of personal care, homemaking, and being an overall companion. Additionally, overnight care allows for someone to be available at night in case there is need for help with using the restroom or simple sleep restlessness.


Nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities can be avoided by having a more affordable non-medical home care assistant available around the clock. Maintain your peace of mind while your loved one maintains their independence.


Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice and palliative helps seniors with symptom relief and emotional assistance during the final stages of serious sickness. Living at home throughout this difficult transition will be comforting for both your loved one and the family. A combination of personal care, companion care, and more will be strategized to support your family and loved one based on personal statuses. This is a rough moment in time for everyone and your caretaker is there to make it easier.


Griswold’s senior home care will help to make your loved one’s life simpler and navigable. There is a service for any of your needs with Griswold’s referred professional caregivers. If your senior care needs are big or small, there’s something for you with Griswold Home Care. Call the Home Care Hotline at (800) 474-7965 or the website for more information.