Health: Small Changes, Big Results

To have the energy to jump out of bed in the morning with vibrancy is one of the biggest motivators behind the quest for health among people all over the globe. Diets, exercise regimes, medical and pharmaceutical advancements are at the forefront of media marketing as the health industry continues to expand. Oftentimes, when making the switch to a lifestyle dedicated to wellbeing, it can seem overwhelming to consider the amount of information available. One of the best ways to navigate your way through a lifestyle change is to take it slowly. Implementing small changes in your day to day routine will allow you to get a handle on the otherwise complex world of health. Here we simplify the process for you with a few health changes to start with.


Renounce The Fizz

Ultimately, the healthiest form of liquid intake is water. The reality is that people drink an array of liquids including bottled juices and carbonated drinks, which are packed with sugar and preservatives, and actually leave you more dehydrated. Soda is one of the biggest culprits, linked to many illnesses such as liver and kidney damage, as well as obesity and diabetes. If you think that the ‘diet’ versions are better – think again. Research indicates that the ingredients in diet soda are more chemical laden. Switch a bottled drink for water next time you are thirsty.


Eat More Fat

Yup, it’s a myth that has been busted for some time now – when it is the right type of fat (omega 3 and 6), eating healthy fats like nuts and avocados will actually help you lose and maintain a healthy weight. These fats also allow for nutrient absorption into your body, protect your liver from damage, and can inhibit cancer formation. Fats are also great for the brain.


Move More!

Our bodies are deigned to move, not sit at a desk all day. Even if you regularly go to the gym – the ratio of 8 hours at a desk and only 1 in movement is not as beneficial as we may think. Consider how you could walk more, stretch regularly, and stand up often during that day. This keeps your facial system (musculature) lubricated and allows energy and blood to move through the body more effectively.


For more on nutrition and health contact a local chiropractor.